The theme for the NOVU 2016 will be poverty, equality and environment. The NOVU 2016 will be held at the beautiful city of Akureyri, Iceland. The final programme for the NOVU 2016 will be announced here in March 2016.

The overall theme for the five year period of the NOVU Project is the United Nations millennium goals.

There will also be some common activities between youngsters and politicians/officials, for instance a seminar about environment and a day out in nature.

Tema for NOVU 2016

NOVU 2016 afholdes i den islandske by Akureyri. Årets tema er disse tre millennium mål:
- Halvere fattigdom og sult i verden
- Fremme ligestilling mellem mænd og   kvinder, og styrke kvinders rettigheder
- Sikre en miljøvenlig og bæredygtig udvikling
Disse temaer vil på en eller anden vis være i fokus i NOVU ugen i form af bl.a. workshops med musik, kunst, teater og dans.

Arrangørerne skriver:
As a practical frame for the work and a frame for a small show or a story told at the end of the NOVU week, we intend to build on the problem and issues regarding refugees in the world and stories of people that are forced to flee their home and their roots.

The workgroups are:

  1. Music: Will consist of singing, choir and solo and percussion, mainly “stomping” and making percussion instruments for found things.
  2. Theatre: The group that will form the main thread in our story
  3. Dance: Mainly various contemporary dance, but we are also looking into parkour.
  4. Art and design: Will provide background and props for our story

 The instructors will build an underlying frame for the work.  

Documentation (former known as media) will be a common task for all the groups via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will possibly have some mini competitions in photography and writing through the week.

Aktiviteterne i NOVU-ugen vil finde sted i kulturhuset Hof.

Kulturhuset Hof

Det er værtsbyen, der laver program og beslutter, hvorledes temaet skal udfoldes.