Get yourself prepared in the best possible way for travelling to the NOVU host city.

Travelling always requires a high level of preparation. We would like to help you. In the menu below, you can find a lot of advice and practical information.

All participants will receive further information from their own city.


You will be accommodated in a school named Tirsdalens Skole. We also have the workshop here. Participants from each city will be accommodated on mattresses on the floor in classrooms (both boys and girls form the same city together).

The group leaders will also be accommodated at Tirsdalens Skole. At the school we have access to swimming and a sports hall. There will be lifeguard when the swimming hall is open.

The school is located 3 km from town center.

The address is:

Tirsdalens Skole
R. Hougaardsvej 50
8960 Randers SØ


Politicians and civil servants can be accommodated at Hotel Randers, Torvegade 11, 8900 Randers.



Randers will provide transportation to the activities in the programme.
Your own city will provide transportation to Randers.

You will have access to bicycles at the school.

The youth and member of the Foreningen Norden will be dropped off at the school. Then the politicians and civil servants will be dropped off at the hotel.

On departure the politicians and civil servants will be picked up at the hotel first and then the youth and Foreningen Norden at the school.


Your own city and the hosting city are paying the costs. In return we expect your commitment to the programme and to the participation in general during the week.

You will have to bring your own pocket money, if you want any.


Insurance is your own responsibility. We advise you to contact your own insurance company and be aware that some of the activities includes climbing i treetops.


You can expect danish food in the NOVU week. This means a warm meal at 12.00 and bread at 18:00 o’clock. In addition, fresh fruit in the afternoon and in the evening we usually get a small snack or bread.

On Sunday people will arrive at different times. Therefore we havent arranged any food. Your groupleader will help you arrange som near by take away food.

On Saturday – the day of departure - all the youngsters and groupleaders are welcome to make their own lunch box for their journey home.


Besides clothing and shoes for a Danish summer (warm, cold, sunny and rainy) and personal things you will need:

Personal medicine, health insurance, water bottle and a small backpack, towels and bathing suit if you want a morning swim at the school.

The youngsters must also bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and a sheet. And for the workshops you will have to bring extra clothes and shoes that suit the chosen workshop.

All of you will also need shoes suited for walking 3-5 kilometers at the sightseeing in Randers City. All politicians, civil servants and member of Foreningen Norden must prepare for a 5,5 km walk in nature.

All who wants to climb the trees at Randers Klatrepark must bring relevant clothing (Climbing make you sweat and you will need clothes that allows movements. Also shoes with at good grip.)