About NOVU

NOVU is the inter-Scandinavian abbreviation of Nordisk vänortsvecka för ungdom. Its an annual youth camp for young people from the twin cities of Lahti (Finland), Akureyri (Iceland), Västerås (Sweden), Randers (Denmark) and Ålesund (Norway).

From each city you will meet 17 youngsters, 2 groupleaders, 2-5 politicians and officials. Usually 2 members of the "Foreningen Norden" will also participate.

NOVU means cultural exchange between Scandinavian youngsters, NOVU means a summer week with lots of activities and new experiences, NOVU means friendship!

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Read more about NOVU 2016 on Akureyri' website (Coming up)

NOVU in general

Sunday the 26th of June 2016 Akureyri bids the twin cities of Ålesund, Lahti, Västerås and Randers welcome to a week in their city, ending on Saturday 2th of July. About 85 young people will meet in Akureyri in a youth camp to participate in NOVU 2016.

Furthermore a delegation of politicians and officials will visit Västerås to follow both the young people in their activities and to enjoy a special developed programme.


During this period there is a special emphasis on activities that focus on the Nordic contribution to fulfil the United Nation’s millennium goals. The NOVU project is the central project and contribution from the Nordic countries.